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Brow and Lash Tinting

Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting - $36

Eyelash Tinting - $30

Combo Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting - $66

Dramatically enhance lashes and brows with vibrant ammonia-free color! ViBrowLash Color Cream has a thick, rich formula that's low odor. Made in the USA, ammonia-free ViBrowLash is a great option for clients who prefer a gentler, low-odor color cream. Its vibrant color lasts for 3 weeks, adds shine and it contains no nut oils, lanolin, or gluten. Plus, it's certified vegan and cruelty-free!


Eyebrow Shaping - $16

Lip and Brow - $20

Full Back - $90

Full Back, Shoulders & Neck - $140

Brazilian - $80

Bikini- $60

Full Leg - $130 / Half Leg - $75

Full Leg with Bikini - $175

Under Arm - $30

Full Arm - $130 / Forearm - $75

Gina Marie uses BeBare wax-free hair removal system. This product is great for sensitive skin and does not contain beeswax or honey. The soft, golden formula is enriched with pine resin and other botanical ingredients to soften hair for an easy and comfortable experience.  


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