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Eyebrow Enhancement

 Gina Marie has turned a new leaf- Let's Talk Eyebrows



Sparse, thinning eyebrows may not seem like a typical sign of aging but leading cosmetic surgeon,

Dr. John Layke says that these days — disappearing brows are one of his over-40 client’s top concerns. 
“Between over-plucking in the 90’s, waxing, and natural hair loss,

women are yearning to restore the look of full, thick brows.” 
The problem? Layke says most women turn to microblading as a solution. 
Layke says even if your eyebrows are relatively full, and you just want to make them appear darker or 

if your eyebrows are sparse, thinning, or patchy he advises against microblading. 
“When you microblade over bare skin, your eyebrows not only appear drawn on, the ink used to create that

‘filled out’ effect will fade over time — essentially drawing MORE attention to your ‘barely there’ brows.” 
That’s why many of his model and actress clientele prefer brow growth and tinting over microblading. 
Not only is it absolutely painless and 100% natural, this is one of Gina Marie's favorite services

Brow Design Arch & Tinting with Zenagen Pro Lash Serum
It can help restore the look of fuller, thicker brows fast —

and the more you do it, the better the results become over time! 
Luckily, this brow-reviving method isn’t reserved just for celebrities — It's for every one
So if your sparse brows are adding years to your appearance

find out how to transform them now with Gina Marie

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